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Appetizers         Buffalo Chicken Dip, Fried Pickles, Pretzels & Beer Cheese, Chips & Salsa, Chips & Queso, Crab Rangoon Roll, Tater Tots, Drake’s Nachos, Chicken Quesadilla, Edamame, Hummus Plate, Mozzarella Sticks, Spicy Crab Rangoon, Loaded Potato Skins, Chicken Wings
Salads       House Salad, Caesar Salad, BBQ Chicken Salad, Kale & Quinoa Salad, Cobb Salad, Greek Salad, Grilled Chicken Salad, Asian Sesame Salad, Southwest Salad
BurgersBig Blue Burger, Morning Glory Burger, Black Bean Burger, BBQ Burger, All-American Burger, Mushroom Swiss Burger, Juicy Lucy, Triple Double Mini Cheeseburgers, Patty Melt, Bourbon Burger
Sushi    California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Crab Rangoon Roll, Philly Roll, Crunchy Roll, Spicy Crab Roll, Rainbow Roll, Tempura Shrimp Roll, Dragon Roll, Volcano Roll
SandwichesGrilled Chicken Sandwich, BLT, Club Sandwich, Buffalo Chicken Wrap, Turkey & Avocado Wrap, Chicken Club Wrap, Philly Cheesesteak, BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, Reuben Sandwich
Tacos    Fish Tacos, Chicken Tacos, Steak Tacos, Shrimp Tacos, Pork Tacos, Veggie Tacos, Baja Fish Tacos, Korean BBQ Tacos
DrinksSoft Drinks, Iced Tea, Lemonade, Coffee, Hot Tea, Milk, Orange Juice, Bottled Water, Craft Beer, Wine, Cocktails, Smoothies

Drakes Menu with Prices 2024

When it comes to a delightful dining experience, Drakes Menu Restaurant stands out with its diverse and mouth-watering offerings. The Drake’s menu features an impressive variety of dishes, catering to all tastes and preferences. From succulent steaks to fresh seafood, The Drake’s restaurant menu promises something for everyone. Whether you are planning a casual lunch or a celebratory dinner, the extensive choices available ensure that each visit is memorable. The commitment to quality and flavor is evident in every dish, making Drakes Menu Restaurant a top choice for food enthusiasts.

Drakes Dinner Menu

The Drake dinner menu offers an exceptional range of delectable dishes designed to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Whether you crave hearty classics or contemporary cuisine, the Drake dinner menu has it all. From perfectly grilled steaks to fresh, flavorful seafood, each dish is crafted with the finest ingredients. The menu also features a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, ensuring there is something for everyone. With its inviting ambiance and exquisite culinary offerings, the Drake dinner promises an unforgettable dining experience, perfect for any occasion.

Drake’s menu prices

For those curious about Drake’s menu prices, you’ll find that the restaurant offers excellent value for its high-quality dishes. Whether you’re planning a casual meal or a special occasion, the Drake menu prices are designed to accommodate various budgets without compromising on taste or quality. In Drake’s menu Lexington KY with prices, you can expect a diverse selection of items that cater to different preferences. The combination of affordability and delicious offerings makes Drake’s a popular choice for dining out. Below is a sample of the menu items and their prices:

Menu ItemsPrices in $
Classic Cheeseburger $10.99
Grilled Chicken Salad  $12.49
Fish Tacos$11.99
Ribeye Steak$19.99
Veggie Wrap$9.99
Shrimp Scampi$17.99
Chocolate Lava Cake$6.99
BBQ Bacon Burger$12.49
Caesar Salad$8.99
Margherita Flatbread$10.49
Spaghetti Carbonara$14.99
Buffalo Wings         $9.99        
Stuffed Mushrooms$8.49
Lobster Mac and Cheese$16.99
Grilled Salmon$18.49
Turkey Club Sandwich$11.49
French Onion Soup$5.99
Meat Lovers Pizza$14.99
Veggie Delight Pizza$13.99
Chicken Alfredo$15.49
Garlic Bread$3.99
House Salad$7.99
Pork Chops$17.99
Cajun Jambalaya$18.99
Beef Tacos$10.99
Crab Cakes$19.49
Spinach Artichoke Dip$7.99
Chicken Quesadilla$10.49
Beef Stroganoff$16.49
Apple Pie$5.99
Drakes Menu bbq

The Drake Hotel tea menu

The Drake Hotel tea menu offers a luxurious selection of teas and delicacies that create a perfect setting for an afternoon indulgence. Whether you’re a tea connoisseur or just looking to enjoy a relaxing experience, the Drake high tea menu has something to satisfy your palate. From classic English Breakfast and Earl Grey to exotic herbal blends, the tea selection is complemented by an assortment of finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream, and pastries. The ambiance and elegance of the Drake Hotel make the high tea experience truly memorable, perfect for social gatherings or a quiet afternoon retreat.

Drake’s Drink Menu

The Drake’s drink menu offers an impressive array of beverages to complement any meal or occasion. Whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing cocktail, a robust craft beer, or a fine wine, the Drakes drink menu has something to please every palate. Signature cocktails, such as the Drake’s Old Fashioned and the Berry Mojito, are crafted with premium ingredients, while the extensive beer list features both local brews and international favorites. For those preferring non-alcoholic options, the menu also includes a variety of mocktails, sodas, and freshly squeezed juices, ensuring everyone can find their perfect drink.

Drakes Menus

Drakes Nutrition Menu

The Drakes Nutrition Menu provides detailed information to help diners make informed choices about their meals. Whether you’re counting calories, tracking macros, or seeking specific dietary options, the Drakes nutritional menu offers comprehensive details on each dish. From low-calorie salads to protein-packed entrees, this menu section ensures transparency about ingredients and nutritional content. Health-conscious diners can easily find items that align with their dietary needs, making it simpler to enjoy a balanced and satisfying meal at Drake’s. The commitment to providing nutritional information reflects Drake’s dedication to catering to all guests’ preferences and health goals.

Drakes Frequently Asked Questions

Drake’s restaurant is owned by Bluegrass Hospitality Group (BHG), a company that operates several dining concepts. BHG is known for its focus on delivering high-quality food and exceptional service across all its restaurant brands.

Drake’s restaurant is not specifically Italian. It offers a diverse menu featuring American cuisine with a variety of dishes including burgers, steaks, seafood, and sushi. The restaurant is known for its eclectic menu rather than focusing on a single type of cuisine.

The closing time for Drake’s can vary by location and day of the week. Typically, Drake’s locations close around 10 PM to midnight.

This question seems to be inappropriate and irrelevant to Drake’s restaurant. If you meant something else, please clarify, and I will provide the appropriate information.

No, the rapper and artist Drake does not own Drake’s restaurant. Drake’s is part of Bluegrass Hospitality Group, a company that operates several restaurant brands. The similarity in name is coincidental and not related to the artist.

Yes, many Drake’s locations do take reservations. It’s recommended to visit the specific location’s website or call ahead to make a reservation, especially during peak dining hours or for larger groups.

Yes, Drake’s offers a kid’s menu. The kid’s menu typically includes child-friendly portions and dishes such as chicken tenders, burgers, mac and cheese, and more, ensuring that younger diners have a variety of options to choose from.

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